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Eco Gift Guide: Gifts For the Home

Home is where the heart is, this was never more true than at Christmas, you can't beat curling up in front of a Christmas movie with a mug of hot chocolate and a backdrop of twinkling Christmas lights. 

So whether you're buying for yourself, or someone else's home, we've the perfect round up for you, and as always they're planet friendly. 

Nothing defines a home more than its scent in my opinion, and these are my absolute favourite candles. I bought a few of these for gifts last year and the newly renamed Winter Feels smells exactly like its previous name, Christmas Morning. I promise you wont regret treating your home to one of these. 

Christmas Morning Scented Candle | MURI's Best Candle Gift – Murihome

If candles aren't your thing, then why not treat yourself to a lovely room and linen spray? Organic and vegan, these super stylish bottles also look good. The smells have been beautifully created to help lift your mood, and this one I especially like the sound of as the smells are designed to help banish anxious feelings. 

(1) Calm - Essential Oil Room & Linen Spray – HoYo Botanicals

When I was introduced to Shiv Textiles, it was absolutely love at first sight. These blankets are woven from materials that would otherwise headed to landfill as the textiles industry really is a wasteful one. This stunning blanket is my favourite find, but if you're looking for something with a smaller price tag to gift there's still plenty to choose from, there are also some fantastic kits if you fancied having a go yourself. 

Weaving Kits | Shiv Textiles

Whilst we're snuggling up, now the weather is getting colder, its time to start thinking about keeping warmer, and what better than a hot water bottle? When they look this good, who can resist! 

These are made using repurposed cashmere and leather offcuts, see I told you the textiles industry was a wasteful one, the added bonus is you can maybe hold off turning up the heating a little longer saving valuable fuel and pennies! 

Lightning Bolt Cashmere Mini Hot Water Bottle / Chloe Haywood London

Maybe you need a gift for a green fingered friend, how about a plant tour own cactus kit? These terrarium kits from Early Bird Botanical are bang on trend and give the recipient something fun to do, and lets face it, the planet always needs more plants. 

Cactus Planter Kit Terracotta Pot Terrarium Kit for Cacti | Etsy

If you perhaps have enough plants (I don't believe you for a second), then how about a gorgeous new pot? These Japanese inspired paper pots are made using recycled materials in Sri Lanka as part of a Fairtrade project and they are stunning. 

Black Tokyo Paper Planter (100% waterproof) – The Den & Now (

When you end up buying one for your own plants because they're just too lovely, I won't judge, plants need presents too! 

Whilst writing this post, I inevitably became distracted by Instagram... oops! However, I'm glad I did, because these stunning Pugh Birds caught my eye on Snow Home's feed. Snow Home was my absolute favourite store to visit when I lived in York, studying design at Uni, honestly, I think I would buy everything if I could. 

Back to the birds though, these are handmade in York and are utterly charming, wouldn't they make the perfect gift? 

Pugh Birds — O+M at Snowhome (

Calendars always make a fab gift, I'm game for anything that helps me stay organised! But what do you do once the year ends? 

Plant it of course! Thank you Eco Paper Faves for such a great solution to this waste problem, it will also look gorgeous hanging on your wall. 

Plantable 2022 Wall Calendar Seed Paper A5 Stocking Filler | Etsy

Anyone remember hugs? People are still a little wary thanks to the whole pandemic thing, which makes total sense. Why not instead send a visual hug in the form of these gorgeous handmade houses from Fir Tree Pottery, each one is lovingly handmade making them totally unique. 

Ceramic Snow Hugs house (

If you want to be a bit more environmentally aware in your house, or you've a friend who would love to, it can be overwhelming knowing where to begin. As soon as I spotted these I thought they would be a perfect idea for anyone who wants to adopt a more eco lifestyle, on the same note though these are all items that are consumable to a home that's already well on their way to living their best eco life and ultimately a perfect and thoughtful gift. 

Plastic Free Eco Starter Pack | Etsy

Finally, I thought it would be nice to finish on a Christmas day eco hack, making your own reusable crackers is such an easy switch and you'll never need to buy crackers again! The bonus of making your own too, is that you can pop in something a little more meaningful for each guest, and preferably plastic free. This kit by Ruth's Reusables is perfect to make the task easy and the patterns available are super cute! 

Christmas Crackers Sewing Kit Make Your Own Set of 6 Reusable | Etsy

As always, I would love to know what you think, and please let me know if you order anything from the guides, it's so nice to know I've helped. 

I'll be back tomorrow with gifts to wear, so think jewellery, scarves, hats etc... 

Thanks for popping by,, and as always you can shop the entire list on our Pinterest feed, 


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